Steamboat 2014 is Fri. Dec 12, 2014 thru Sun. Dec 14, 2014

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OutdoorsCO is Colorado’s FINEST travel activity group, run by people like you!

Welcome!  This is an adventure group that plans events and trips year round for couch potatoes up to Iron Man type athletes. OutdoorsCO has been organizing and leading great adventures all over Colorado, regionally, around the country, and internationally. With previous destinations like: Steamboat, Silverton, Telluride, Wolf Creek & more in Colorado; regional destinations like the Grand Canyon, Jackson Hole, Lake Powell, Moab, Santa Fe, & more; around the US in places like: New Orleans, DC, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Napa Valley, Maine, Chicago, NYC, Niagara Falls, Tennessee, & many more; and of course international locations like: Costa Rica, India, Germany, Thailand, Barbados, Canada, Mexico & more. Our groups range is size from small 8 to 10 people to very large, for example our signature event is the annual December Steamboat Trip that got it's start back in 1999 and in 2010 we had over 700 people participate on that trip from all over the country and the world. We organize huge variety of fun activities on our trips as well locally just for a day or evening, for example: happy hours, sports events, dining, dancing, music, movie premiers, parties, urban explorations, cultural activities, camping, coffee, picnics, game nights, wine tastings, skiing, hiking, and so much more. So, join us and let's have some FUN!

Yes, you could do all these things on your own! It is a lot of work putting it all together and then you may be by yourself. We got together because we found it is more fun to travel with a group. Fortunately, OutdoorsCO is open to working with you to make your adventure happen. We can work with you and use this opportunities you find or you can let OutdoorsCO do all of the work. When OutdoorsCO does the work here are some of the things that happen behind the scenes. We:

  • Create a calendar with a variety of adventures
  • Reserve the accommodations and transportation
  • Negotiate the arrangements and activities
  • Arrange for professional, friendly guides
  • Interview and approve the vendors
  • Handle all the permits and Research all the requirements
  • Recommend gear and arrange for gear rentals (as needed)
  • Sometimes teach you a new skill or two!

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