Steamboat 2014 is Fri. Dec 12, 2014 thru Sun. Dec 14, 2014
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We are still just a group of friends that want to get out of the house once in a while and have some good old fashioned fun whether that is adventuring, traveling, snow-summer-or- year round sports/activities. We are primarily comprised of working professionals in the Colorado Front Range who are in their 30s &40's with a significant percentage in their 20’s and 50's and even some above that. :o) While primarily comprised of people living in Colorado, we have hundreds participating from around the country and even the world.


OutdoorsCO is about meeting new people, making friends and sharing good times together. We believe in diversity and we are always trying fun new things and finding places to go. Please join us for fun, friendly and exciting good times. You might walk into one of our events as someone new, but you will walk out as a friend.


OutdoorsCO participants are a great collection of people from around Colorado, the US and even the world. During the day, most members are working hard as busy professionals. By the time the weekend comes, they're ready to stretch with fun & friends and OutdoorsCO is ready to help make it happen. Many people join OutdoorsCO because they are new to Colorado or group travel and want to meet people who enjoy the outdoors, but don't have the time or venues to meet people with similar interests much less to organize events and trips on their own.

We are NOT a singles club; however about half of our members are single. It is important to remember that people come on our trips to enjoy the adventure of the day and make new friends, not to "hook up".


We see people of all ages on most of our trips. Some trips tend to attract a younger crowd, while other trips attract a more mature participant. We do offer family specific trips and family friendly trips. Some trips like the Steamboat Trip are segregated to preserve the experience for each type of participant. Families stay in separate complexes from the over 21 rowdy crowd and anyone wanting a quiet weekend is also housed separately from the other two groups. Please look review the trip description & FAQs regarding any trip profiles or any age restrictions. Unless otherwise specified, our trips are always open to anyone 21 or older.

Whatever the age, all we ask is that everyone an adventurous spirit!


Absolutely! Yes, you can sign up by yourself and almost everyone who attends an OutdoorsCO event starts out solo as an individual or a couple not knowing anyone else. After an event or trip, you'll start recognizing faces and after a couple or more events or trips you will recognize names on upcoming adventures and soon enough you'll have a whole new circle of adventurous friends.

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