Frequently Asked Question

Who or What is OutdoorsCO?
WHO WE ARE: OutdoorsCO is an fun group that plans events and trips throughout the year for couch potatoes to athletes and we do it locally, regionally and even internationally across a huge number of activities like: trips, happy hours, sports, dining, dancing, music, urban exploration, culture, camping, coffee, picnics, wine tastings, skiing, hiking, and much more.Join us and let's have someFUN! WHO WE ARE:We are still just a group of friends that want to get out of the house once in a while and have some good old fashioned fun whether that is adventuring, traveling, snow-summer-or- year round sports/activities.We are primarily comprised of working professionals in the Colorado Front Range who are in their 30s &40's with a significant percentage in their 20’s and 50's and even SOME above that. :o)While primarily comprised of people living in Colorado, we have hundreds participating from around the country and even the world. OutdoorsCO is about meeting new people, making friends and sharing good times together.We believe in diversity and we are always trying fun new things and finding places to go.Please join us for fun, friendly and exciting good times.You might walk into one of our events as someone new, but you will walk out as a friend. Wevolunteerour time and expertise(s) to make the website, group, and activities happen and not to mention fun. We support, sponsor, and organize several MeetUp groups in the Denver area and around the country including the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Group (CSSG). We can also be found on Facebook under OutdoorsCO, CSSG, and the various trip events that we post.WHAT WE DO:We love to plan events around cultural activities, comedy shows, game nights, wine tastings, travel, happy hours, music, sports, dining, dancing, theatre, parties, urban exploration, camping, coffee, picnics, skiing, hiking, and much more ... in fact we welcome new ideas and events ... Our organizers are always looking for new ideas, hot spots, bargain travel, and fun activities so suggest one :o)The venues, events, and trips are designed to cater to hard-working, active people who desire to wind down in the company of friends new and old. This group is a great opportunity to network with other professionals socially, professionally or just for fun, romance, or really anything else that won't get you arrested!Our cardinal rule is to be respectful to all our friends that attend our activities. When traveling for leisure and entertainment, you deserve a trip that is free of those nagging concerns about the trip arrangements. OutdoorsCO works very hard to provide a truly memorable events and trips with smooth arrangements, top quality lodging and a completely hassle-free experience that allows you to make the most of your vacation. We are working to offer a wide array of destinations to choose from - be it the sands of Barbados, Thailand or Costa Rica, the bright lights of romantic Paris, Berlin, or Venice, or the thrills of a tour through India China, or Russia.You can be assured we will do everything possible to get the best deals possible to help turn your dreams into reality without costing you a fortune.Sports and travel are perhaps, the best ways to experience and mingle with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Combining sporting activities and travel entails much more planning and research than any other type of travel, as it has a huge number of additional details, costs, and requirements. You need to gather thorough knowledge about the destination, the accommodations, the climate, the food, the people, equipment, costs, and much more.OutdoorsCO now has more than 11 years of experience combining travel and sporting activities and many more years understanding international travel.