Frequently Asked Question

If there are more than 2 of us, how will we be put in the same condo(s)?
I want to bring a group of my friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, teammates, sorority sisters ... how can we be sure that we will be in the same condo or that our condos will be near one another?If you follow the instructions to sign up as a group and your group leader follows the instructions for communicating with the The OutdoorsCO Steamboat Team, then we will have you and your group together. If you have an odd number of people in your group, please make sure to review FAQ on having an odd numbered group.If you and your entire group are registered and paid before Thanksgiving (or before that type of condo sells out), we guarantee that you and your group will room together / in close proximity to each other when you have multiple condos.If you have more than 6 people OutdoorsCO reserves the right to lodge your group in multiple condos If your group is even numbered (with more than 4 people) then we also guarantee that we will not add anyone to your condo(s) without express written permission from your group leader. Any groups that are lodge in multiple condos will be kept in close proximity to one another as is possible. We guarantee that you will be in the same complex and that we work very hard to arrange your condos to be next door to one another, down the hall, in the same stairwell, or in the same building depending on the configuration of the complex in which your group stays and the number and type of condos that your group requires.