Frequently Asked Question

What does shared condo and or shared room mean?
Do you mean I might have to share a bed with another person that I do not know?? We do not force anyone to sleep in the same bed; however, by purchasing a shared option you are agreeing to the possibility. So, if you are single and you choose a condo package and you do not purchase your own room, then YES, it does! You can purchase your own room in the shared condo options or choose the hotel style queen bed option which guarantees you your own queen bed in a hotel style room. For women -> If I choose the shared condo option or even the QB bed option, do I have to share a bed or a room with a man I do not know? - NO, the trip questionnaire does ask you if you want a roommate who is: male or female or either. We will not assign an opposite sex roommate without express permission. For Men --> If I choose the shared condo option, do I have to share a bed with a man I do not know? - MAYBE, while we do not force you to do anything the shared condos rooms are booked with 2 people and we cannot guarantee the type of bedding. And if, as a male, you select that you only want a female roommate in the trip questionnaire, we automatically change that answer to be either. We also attempt to contact you to let you know of that change. Selecting the shared condo option expressly provides OutdoorsCO with permission provide you with a roommate and that expressly includes the possibility that your room will have only one bed. EVERYONE, if you choose a shared condo option without having a roommate or person with which you are willing to share a room and or a bed; PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE FOLLOWING: The pricing we have is based on 2 ppl per room for all the lodging options we get. In the shared condo options (standard or premium) these condos are privately owned and just have to meet the minimum standards of the property mgt company. In this case all condo rooms have to have bedding for 2 people which is qualified as a King, Queen, or 2 twin beds. Condo rooms can have bedding for more than 2 people, but not less.