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Group Leader Questions?
So, following is a bit of information about being a group leader for the Steamboat Trip.FirstNote,A group leader can be anyone and a group leader is needed for ANY sized group! How big is a group? For our purposes, a group is: 2 or more people who want to room together or at least want to be in the same condo together!Second, what does a group leader actually do? You organize, cajole, communicate with, and even browbeat (if you are up to it) your group members. Why do you have to organize, cajole, communicate with, and even browbeat people you want in your group? Well there are several reasons, but the biggest one you will soon find out is that even a group of 4 ppl can be like herding cats ... Go to andREADthe “How to sign up as part of a group“ FAQ. This FAQ contains more specific information about how to Let OutdoorsCO know you have a group, who is the leader, who are the group members, what your lodging needs are … It is a relevant FAQ for Group Leaders & Members.As a group leader your primary responsibilities are:1. Be the primary Point of Contact for all members of your group regarding the Steamboat Trip. This means that all of your group members should be FIRST contacting you with their questions about the trip, the web site, details, etc ... If you do not have the answer(s) then you would use the FAQs, post in the forums or if still needed contact OutdoorsCO with all the outstanding issues/questions.2. Coordinate your group members and make sure they know the following: a. The name of your group b. Your Name/info c. Which package the the individuals in the group are selecting/paying for3.Help your group members Fully & correctly complete the Steamboat Trip Questionnaire.4.Arrange for your group’s transportation needs … if carpooling.5. Read the FAQ to be better able to answer your group members questions.6. Collect the names, emails, & cell phone numbers for all members of your group.7. If you group is large enough to potentially require multiple condos (more than 6 ppl) please break them up into condo groups. **PLEASE NOTE** OutdoorsCO does it's best to accomodate condo size requests, but cannot guarantee any specific size of condo for groups larger than 6. Our first priority is to keep your group physically as close together as possible. For example a group of 12 people could have the following condo arrangements: two 3 bedroom condos OR three 2 bedroom condos OR one 2 bedroom condo and 1 4 bedroom condo.8. Send the OutdoorsCO Steamboat Team ( an email with the names, emails, & cell/mobile numbers of all the people in the group, if your group is spread across multiple condos please break them up into smaller groups of who is in which condo ... please use an email subject line of: STMBT11 - Group Name - # of ppl in group - Group Leader's NameNote STMBT## is the Trip & Year, we abbreviate as STMBT10 or STMBT11 or STMBT12 etc ...In the body of the email please include each person on their own line seperated by commas:name, email, mobile number, condo#1** NOTE: You can have a sub group of a larger group. Group Name => [Main Group Name - Sub Group Name] I want to bring a group, what do I do? Group Leader InfoI want to bring a group of my friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, teammates, sorority sisters, get the idea ... This is exciting and we want to help you lead a successful group! We are always enthusiastic about groups joining the trip!