Refund and Cancelation Policy

OutdoorsCO highly recommends that everyone invest in Travel, Accident and Medical Insurance!  Travel insurance can further protect you in the event of cancellation due to unforeseen occurrences.  in some cases, some trips or activi8ties may require various types of insurance. We do partner with some Travel insurance companies.  Please see our pages on Travel Insurance.

OutdoorsCO reserves the right to accept and cancel reservations for anyone who participates with our events, trips, tours, or escorted groups at our discretion. If during the reservations process or at any time, our team anticipates a negative outcome will result to fellow travelers or the tour may potentially be disrupted by a fellow traveler, the reservation will be cancelled and any penalties incurred will be the responsibility of the client. Every attempt will be made to balance the trips, tours, groups with the best interests of all travelers in mind.

OutdoorsCO offers refunds commensurate with the policies of suppliers engaged for personal travel, including: events, activities, trips, tours, transportation, and cruises.  Payments made for OutdoorsCO Escorted Tours and Group Trips and Tours may be non-refundable, please refer to the tour or trip details, FAQs, questionnaires and online store legal policies for details specific to your event, activity, tour or trip.  Also, in most cases, the money spent on airline flights will not be refunded.

No credit or refund is available if you cancel on the start/arrival day; if you do not show up; or if you leave an event, activity, tour or trip early for any reason.

REFUNDS are issued after any trip cutoff date ONLY in 2 situations:

  1. The entire trip is canceled for all participants
  2. A supplier issues an injury refund

Refunds are issued minus supplier fees, financial fees and a $10 non-refundable processing fee.


  1. It is your responsibility to follow up with OutdoorsCO for your refund.
    Any Refunds for injuries are returned after the resort has disbursed them.  Note that these refunds generally have some fees applied.  
  2. Any refund will be issued only after the business(es) has (have) actually disbursed them to OutdoorsCO.  (These refunds generally can have some fees deducted from the refund)
  3. We cannot apply any monies paid towards future trips unless the suppliers we are contracted with will allow such an exception. 
  4. We will attempt to work with the various suppliers to see what if any refund might be made, if you cancel after any refund or cancelation deadline, but cannot guarantee any refund amount after the date specified in the cancellation policy. 
  5. Family deaths, pre-trip injuries, work schedule changes, emergency schedule changes, etc ... We recommend that everyone invest in travel insurance. 
  6. We do try to offer an online forum for participants to try to swap their spot on any trip with forums at  You can post your spot and find someone to take your place, if allowed by the trip rules.  In all cases, payments made to airlines may not be transferrable.

OutdoorsCO will not refund any event, activity, tour or trip payments and is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred, including hotel accommodations, meals, additional transportation costs etc, as a result of unexpected changes in your trip due to a change in airline scheduling, cancellation of flights, bad weather, war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, floods or adverse weather conditions, epidemics or health risks. It is strongly recommended that each participant purchase travel insurance from a provider of their choice

OutdoorsCO and it's partners offer roommate matching as a courtesy to our single participants; however, we can accept NO responsibility for roommate compatibility.  We will try to match you with a participant based on your questionnaire answers.  We will guarantee a same-sex roommate and will try to match the rest of the questionnaire responses as well ( with someone close to your age, of the same smoking preference, etc …), but we cannot guarantee that this will occur.  We rely solely on the information submitted by Roommate Match Program participants to match our participants and cannot be held responsible for any problems whatsoever that occur as a result of participants submitting false or misleading information about their sex, age or smoking preferences.  The final match decisions will be made at the sole discretion of OutdoorsCO.   No refunds can or will be given due to any issues with the Roommate Match Program.

*    Discounted Early Payment Packages are immediately NON-Refundable!

** Also Note: For refunds requested/processed before a trip cutoff date, those will be returned via original payment method minus a $10 processing fee (i.e. PayPal payments are refunded through PayPal minus PayPal fees and checks are refunded by check).