A History of OutdoorsCO

A History of OutdoorsCO

OutdoorsCO began with Daniel Burkard. A traveling and outdoor enthusiast, he has traveled all over the country and the world alone and with groups. The OutdoorsCO group itself actually began because after traveling many places and skiing in Europe and the United States, he had never been to Steamboat and it was on his bucket list. In 1999, he organized a group of 6 people to affordably ski Steamboat. Everyone had such a great trip and when the next year rolled around, he was asked if he was going to organize the trip again. He thought why not and did, but this time there was 18 people … and the same thing happened. A great time was had by all and everyone continued to tell their friends about the ‘trip’. It continued to grow by word of mouth with friends and friends of friends until 2004 when the trip had over 200 people and Daniel posted the trip with some online social organizations like Meetin.org and MeetUp.com.

The trip began to grow even larger with a larger audience attracting people from around the country. In 2007, we had 450+ people attend the trip and Daniel, an IT professional, realized that it was bigger than a single person. OutdoorsCO LLC was born to begin working more closely with vendors, provide more resources, and to expand beyond an annual ski trip. We started planning adventures beyond skiing Steamboat and have visited Germany, China, Costa Rica, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Mexico, Canada, and others.

The OutdoorsCO vision is to provide a place for singles, couples and families of all ages to find others with a similar desire to explore our world through travel. OutdoorsCO recognizes that everyone has a passion and their own bucket list and we want to leverage the passions of our participants. OutdoorsCO is striving to utilize the knowledge, research, and connections of our participants to create new and economical events and trips in the places that our participants want to experience.

If you have an idea, have some inside contacts, found a great deal, or have researched a destination or trip … there are others that would will want to do the same, contact us and lets see what we can put together!!


We have volunteers that have been with us for a decade and those folks are really tired, contact us if you would like to volunteer.

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